So You Want To Play Junior Tournaments

The excitement around junior golf has grown exponentially over the past decade.  There are tours all over the country that cater to every skill level and most golf clubs have junior programs.

Finding the right tour will depend primarily on the junior’s skill and interest level.  In our experience it serves no purpose to throw a junior in the deep end and expect them to be inspired and enjoy their game when they are not prepared.

We have sat in the bleachers at 6 year old baseball games and been surrounded by parents who all think their child will be the next MBA star.  The same is often the case with promising young golfers and their daddy-caddies and moms on the bag who can be sent into a tailspin of epic proportions when young Jordan or promising Phil whiffs a ball or sends it soaring into the trees.

So you want your junior to play tournaments?  Let him or her go at their own pace.  With little interference, no reproach and buckets of encouragement.  Coaching and equipment play a big role. Integrity and etiquette are fundamental. It’s expensive and time consuming.  But it’s a great game that will teach your child much more than how to swing a ball down a fairway.

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