Advice on Attitude and Academics

During the prize giving of a recent US Kids Regional tournament at Pinehurst, NC, a US Kids tour director and high school coach presided over the awards presentation and gave some excellent advice to the junior golfers:


As you get older and play high level tournaments around the country, college coaches are going to start watching your golf and your behavior on the course. They should not be able to tell while they are watching you whether or not you are having a good or bad day.  Attitude is very important on the course.  You can be shooting in the 60s – but you throw a golf club after a bad shot, they will turn and walk away.  

Grades are also very important.  Scores in the 60s accompanied by a C average will probably not get you the college scholarship you want. College coaches also want coachable kids – not someone who may be brilliant but can’t get along with themselves or others. So keep a good posture and positive attitude, not only on the golf course but in life in general.