Season 8 Tournament 5 : Home Course Advantage

Home course advantage.  Technically it is a thing.

Our first 2 holes went like this :

Unplayable.  Tree.  Rough.  2 putt from 3 feet.  Quadruple.

These greens are very unusual, mom.

Hazard.  Hazard.  Double.

You would have sworn we had never seen this course in our lives !

And so it went.  He could not sink a putt for the life of him.  Not a 15 footer. Not a 7 footer.  Not a 3 footer.  In fact the 3 footers were the most problematic of them all.  Hello quadruple bogey when you’re up there with a birdie chance!

He did make an elusive birdie on the back 9 but could never quite stem the bleeding.  As our score soared with the heat index we remained, rather surprisingly, calm and happy with each other, chatting about basketball, speed walking and Impractical Jokers – diametrically opposed to to the score and temperament of playing partner and his mom on the bag who are literally screaming at each other at intervals.

The only home course advantage we had today was the 1 mile commute to the clubhouse.  But with over a thousand miles driven for golf so far this summer, I’ll take it !

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