Season 8, Season Championship : Personal Best (whew !!)

Did not land in this hazard (whew!) – but I thought it was a pretty stream !

It’s helpful when drives go straight and you can get on (or at least close to) the green in regulation.  It is not helpful when you are waiting on almost every shot.  The player in front of us on the second tee box is not recognizable.  He has not played on this tour before – why start on the season championship day?  Anyway.  We watched him wind up and hit a house on the right of the tee box twice.  Daddy caddy just tossing him new balls from the golf cart he’s in.  Oh my!

Rob asks : Is this how backs ups on the course start.

Me : Yes !  It just takes one !  

Come on Daddy-Caddy – just get out and help the child !

Maybe its watching the new boy slam it into the house twice but when it’s our turn on the tee box I say something I seldom do :  Straighten out, you’re aiming right..

He does.  Perfect drive !  Whew !!

Then perfect 6 iron which lands him on the green but the ball rolls to the edge down the steep slope.

You’ve got to put power behind this putt to get it up the hill.  It’s got to be a big putt.  Slow green.  It’s long and uphill. Big putt.

I think I’ve made my point sufficiently.

Apparently not.  The ball does not get up the hill and it rolls back down to where we started.

He’s mad.

I told you……..  I want to say it so bad.  But I don’t.

Striding confidently towards a personal best !

Having straightened him out twice successfully, I venture again on a particularly formidable looking par 3.  Water everywhere ! He follows my directions : You’re aiming too far right……  He narrowly avoids the water on the left !!  Whew !!!

But that will be the last time he lets me adjust his feet.  Chip and run putt does not go as well as it should have ……. but clutch putt certainly did!  Whew !!

We went happily along until Hole 7 when the drive drifted slightly into a lake.  But he rebounded well.  Emotionally anyway.  First double of the day.

Me: Anyone can miss a 4 foot putt every now and then.

Rob: You’re not helping mom. I know you think you are, but you’re not.

Then he got a Birdie !  At least one of us is doing something right !

Saw Daddy-Caddy of the house-hitter out and about with his son more on the back 9.  He was hobbling around with a noticeable ankle injury.

Don’t judge, Girl !!!!

Anyway, the back 9 was pretty solid.  Good spirits maintained and a happy energy ensued which, together with strong, straight drives took Rob to a personal best 81 (second personal best achieved this season !)

Whew !!

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