Season 2, Tournament 2

Last night I read a quote that I feel I need to print out, laminate and keep in the golf bag.

Live so as to be detached from outcome.  Do it all because it resonates with your highest self and responds to your beseeching inner voice – not because of rewards that might come your way.

Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Maybe it was invoking those words of wisdom at intervals, or perhaps a few pumps of the homeopathic Rescue Remedy every now and again, but I was totally calm out there – even when he caught me off guard with a crazy 10 foot chip in the wrong direction into a sand trap on hole 1.  Hole 1 for Goodness Sake !!  Then putted past the hole twice (what happened to our stated strategy of : just put it close ??)

After that we didn’t really have any horrible mess-ups.  Some horrible shots of course but if we can just keep it going straight it is helpful.

He says constantly: I’m playing so terribly.  I remind him he hasn’t been doing this long and it gets easier every time.  He’s playing against the best kids in the State in his age group and he’s hanging with them.  We just got to hang tough.


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