Regional Tournament Practice Round : Fun for a change

The practice round started, attitude-wise, a little shaky but on green #1 we discussed the rationale behind a practice round : play multiple balls; see where obstacles are and how to avoid them; what clubs for Par 3’s etc.  We agreed that we would talk through the round keeping these objectives in mind and that we could be quieter on tournament day.

We had a really fun practice round and his shots for the most part were solid.  We took a cart and were one of the last pairings for the day which made for a quick round despite practicing different shots.  The Boston dad of the girl we were playing with had brought his daughter’s coach to caddy for her saying that, as much as he loves the sport, it would be a crime for him to tell others how to do it.  A sentiment P would appreciate.  I wish I had never played with P and shot a 62 as he reminds me every now and then that I am a terrible golfer so what business do I have telling him what to do !

As much as my execution is often flawed, I am the product of a teaching family who happen to be talented golfers in their own right.  I can absolutely point out fundamental problems – but it is an unappreciated asset.

We finish the round in good spirits, he didn’t steer us into trouble the few holes I let him get behind the wheel, and I wrote a roadmap in the hope of safely navigating the hazards of the course.  It went something like this:

Hole –

  1. Think about the wind swinging it right.  Links course – wind is a big issue.  Check direction and accommodate by shifting alignment just slightly without him feeling he needs to accommodate further from a swing perspective.
  2. May need to lay-up.  Snake-ville on left but worse disasters on the right.
  3. Cannot be on bunker island.  Keep right !!!
  4. Plenty trouble right with wind.  Clear left.  Keep left.
  5. Par 3.  7 iron.
  6. Fairway rough is very dense.  5 iron out of rough.
  7. AIM.  Take Hybrid.  Par 3.
  8. Drive must go left.
  9. Quicker down the green than you think.
  10. Par 3.  7 iron.
  11. Aim left.  Cannot land in the grand canyon up the right.  If putt is on the downhill barely touch it.
  12. Par 3. 8 iron.  Gentle on the downhill putt.

In need of a good nights sleep.  Been up since 4 am to walk dogs before leaving the airport by 5 am.  This is what it looks like to travel with 2 golfers to a weekend competition !





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