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X Factor Performance tips for the Junior Golfer –

Dr. Tiffany Jones of X Factor Performance likes the line of communication to remain open between golfer and caddy.  If you ask your junior a question and he/she does not answer or answers it in one syllable platitudes,  it is probable they are too much in their own head.

If the answer to “how was it?” is simply a ‘bad’ or ‘not good’ –  then try to find out if they think it is technical (just a bad shot); tactical (wrong club choice, wrong line); or psychological (lost focus or negative thinking.)

Keep him thinking in specifics and talking.  Track the technical and tactical mistakes.

Keys to Confidence :

  • Confidence comes from practice and preparation.
  • Negative thoughts get golfers in trouble.  Find a distraction that works for you.

Control the Controllables :

  • Your attitude is your own choice when you hit a good or bad shot.
  • Learn to fake it till you make it – try not to show negative body language.
  • Self-correction is key.  Allow the golfer to correct their own mistakes and learn to ask the questions necessary to self-correct, e.g. why did the ball slice?
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Keep an open heart and mind.