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Mental Performance Coaching

Everyone can benefit from a talk to a performance and sports psychologist.  Dr Bhrett McCabe of The Mindside has a new book out, The Mindside Manifesto and does a regular podcast aimed at helping you to tap into peak performance on demand.

sports and performance psychologist, mindsideThe larger than life presence of Dr. Bhrett McCabe, performance psychologist to golf tour pro’s and wannabe’s, exudes a charisma and confidence that captures the attention of even young players. Yet it’s the parents of these young players who might benefit most from his methods and insights. He advocates, amongst other things, an attitude of gratitude and positive reinforcement. There is little you (as a parent) can do during a tournament except cultivate a casual nonchalance and shoot a quiet reminder to the child, when necessary, to breathe and follow their post-shot routine to focus on the next shot. Other than that the parent (as spectator or caddy) should remain emotionally detached regardless of the state of play. This will help the player to learn to help him/herself through failure and disappointment – imperative in junior golf.

Junior golf is largely about growth and gratitude. Thank you Dr. McCabe for channeling both.

Dr. McCabe’s Mindside Offices are in Birmingham, AL. Visit the office website at:


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