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I’m no stranger to junior golf tournaments.  We are die-hard junior golf parents.  Not the crazy ones though.  I don’t think.

All our vacations, pretty much, are planned around regional competitions – Texas, Arizona, Florida, California, the Caronlinas – we visit these places every year. It’s a lot of fun and truth be told, quite a lot of stress.

Bear has been playing Golf tournaments for years now and is one of the top players in his age group. My husband, Max, caddies for him. Not an easy job ….. it’s always the caddy’s fault !!

junior golf parents

Heaven. Maybe ?

Most of my summers and weekends have been spent, the last 2 years, on baseball field bleachers. Max and I are the ultimate “divide and conquer” parents.

All this is now changing.  Peach (8) will start tournaments this Spring, and I am afraid …. very afraid !!

I am becoming a caddy. A Mom On The Bag ! Here begins the journey, the rules, the practices, the lessons. At some point in the next couple of months the real excitement starts with tournaments!

Stay with me through the fair ways and rough. Hopefully its not going to be a hazardous ride, as we blog our way through junior golf with a bag on our back.


January 2015




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  1. As a fellow dedicated working mother and HUMAN, I am excited to follow your “acts of life” through your words!

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