Junior Golf Equipment

Junior Golf Clubs:

us kids tour series clubs

Young Juniors –

US Kids Golf has developed clubs popular with many junior players.  These days most competitive younger golfers choose US Kids irons.  The Ultralite brand are the industry standard.  For more competitive and experienced juniors the Tour Series are the clubs of choice until the junior grows into adult clubs. Click the picture or here to buy the clubs shown above.

US Kids fits clubs by a color coded chart based on height within 3 inch increments.  Proper club length and weight are key to mastering the fundamentals of the golf swing which is why US Kids fits juniors according to height not age.  US Kids has recently introduced a new club for the absolute beginner that is designed for use in the back yard of the range while developing basic skill sets.  This is the Yard Club and comes with a special training grip.

If you are buying clubs please be wary of advice from the big brand stores.  For example, some terrible advice recently received is along the lines of – buy clubs a little bigger for him to grow into!

Rather get clubs lighter and smaller.  If a club is too long and heavy the junior will likely pick up bad swing habits.

Older Juniors –

As your junior gets older and bigger he/she will transition to adult clubs.  It is best to carefully consider and try out various brands with the help of their coach.  A professional fitting is definitely worth it.

** Please see what master certified club fitter and PGA professional, Chris Asbell who fits Bear’s clubs, has to say here in our Professional Insights section.

Golf Balls:

Golf balls range from softer to harder and are chosen to match a player’s swing speed.  US Kids have 2 different balls, up to 70 mph swing and over 70 mph swing.  A slower swing speed needs a softer compression ball and for a higher swing speed a harder ball is better suited.

Different brands have different characteristics on ball flight and amount of spin produced.  The Holy Grail for ball manufacturers is to create a ball that flies a long distance but will give a lot of spin around the green.

Older Juniors with faster swing speed :

Provided that swing speed is pretty fast (older juniors) – a Tour Perfomance ball like a Titleist ProV1 or ProV1X provides good distance and performs well on and around the green.

titleist pro v

Younger Juniors with lower swing speed :

For slower swing speeds (juniors 9 and under) you want a soft compression ball.

On opposite ends of the spectrum you get super hard 1 piece balls that will go very far but not designed for performance around the green e.g.. Top Flight – used in World Long Drive Championship.

Range balls are generally single core balls which means they are fine for driving practicer but good players do not practice with range balls on the practice greens.

Junior Golf Gloves:

US Kids gloves are good and we have had no complaints about Footjoy Junior Gloves especially their rain/cold weather gloves are very good in adverse weather conditions.  Click on the picture or here to buy.

footjoy junior golf glove

Bear’s current favorite is Ping golf gloves.  Rob’s favorite are the Zero Friction Universal Fit junior gloves.  Probably just for the colors, although they last well and fit his hand snugly.  Click on the picture to buy.

zero friction golf glove


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