The World of Junior Golf

Does your junior golfer want to play tournaments?  

What about College golf?  Is he or she thinking it would be fun to be a professional golfer?  What can you do as a parent to prepare them for their journey in junior golf? 

The Junior Golf world is an exciting place.  A parallel planet of smart dressers, serious talent, stubborn mentalities and soul-destroying frustration.  

It constantly evolves and expands.  Tours and tournaments touting glory – anxious parents, cut-throat caddies, college coaches, child geniuses each finding their own paths through the egos and complexities of the greatest game ever  played – all on some of the most serene and beautiful real-estate in the world.  

Welcome to our journey into the world of Junior Golf – competitions, courses, caddies, rules, advice on navigating the process – and an awkwardly honest blog of a Mom starting out On The Bag !

junior golf

Navigating the junior golf world together.

The Junior Golf circuit is, at its best, a place of connection : with yourself, your caddy and your playing partners.

junior golf

junior golf